A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A 'crunchy wholesome' visual novel about making friends as an adult.

After a rough breakup, Cera moves to the small countryside town of Fernweh to glue herself back together. She gets a job at the local coffee shop, starts therapy, and tries to forget her past.

Will she make friends and grow roots in her new hometown? Or is she doomed to repeat history?

You decide.

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“A not-so-cozy ‘cozy game’ - For those who thrive under pressure in an attempt to live their dream.”
GG Video Game Tracker

“We see how the protagonists are on guard in nearly every conversation, wanting desperately to share [...] with the world but also hesitant to trust their own vulnerability.”
Los Angeles Times

A Taste of Therapy
Call Me Cera explores navigating life in a world that feels like it doesn’t understand you. Throughout the game, Cera is taught real life therapy tools to help her handle her anxiety and cultivate meaningful friendships. Players gain insight to what therapy actually feels like, breaking the stigma surrounding it.

Choose the Healthy Choice, not the Friendly Choice
Many visual novels reward over-friendly options and pushing yourself onto characters. In Call Me Cera, the Player is rewarded by matching the vibes and intentions of the NPCs instead of forcing friendship. Call Me Cera explores how to build trust and foster healthy relationships in real life, recognize one’s distortions in thinking, and role model changes in thought and behavior patterns as seen in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Call Me Cera takes place in a fictional Northeast coastal town in the United States called Fernweh (pronounced Fern - Vee), with a strong LGBTQIA+ and diverse community. Toadhouse Games has reached out to the communities we aim to represent to ensure we do so in an accurate and respectful manner. We also hire cultural consultants and sensitivity readers.

A portion of all Toadhouse Games sales goes to charities that benefit the marginalized groups our characters represent.  

A crunchy wholesome game about making friends as an adult. 
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will this have accessibility for blind like your other game glhc?

Yup! We won’t remove any accessibility features, so if it’s in one game, it will be in all of them. Thanks for your question!

This sounds interesting. I hope it's not stuck in development hell forever!


Hiya! Thank you so much! Our lead dev Alanna had a baby last October so Toadhouse Games has been on hiatus since then but we’ve recently got back to work on Call Me Cera and can promise it is no longer in dev limbo :D

Hey y'all, I really like the premise of the game (and enjoyed the demo), so I've been wondering how the development is going.

Hi! Thank you! Our lead dev Alanna had a baby last October so Toadhouse Games has been on hiatus since then but we’ve started up development again! Once we figure out the details, we’ll update the release date :D Thanks again for checking in!

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I played the demo and I like the way it's going! Charming, I admire the premise. Looking forward to more and wishing the very best.


Thank you so much! We hope you enjoy the full game when it comes out next year :)

Our lead dev Alanna had a baby last October so Toadhouse Games has been on hiatus since then. Once we have a corrected release date, we’ll let everyone know! Hope this finds you well :D