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Everyone in the town of Fernweh knows and adores Sophia, the sweet co-owner of Screen Time arcade. Well, almost everyone. Sophia is tired of avoiding confrontation and keeping herself small. She wants to be a strong woman but WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

You decide.

Playtime: A "one-shot" length of 60 minutes.

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Call Me Cera: A wholesome game about making friends as an adult. 
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Buy Now$12.50 USD or more

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A lovely experience. This is a story about navigating the challenges of fitting into world that just can't catch up fast enough with the main character and delicately nudges you to consider whether you are happy with who you are.

Roll for Confidence really takes you into another world with emotive storytelling and a soundtrack that fits like a glove. It also features other characters from the Call Me Cera universe, which will be a warm welcome for those who played Good Looking Home Cooking.

This is a visual novel for those who enjoy to read, immerse and most importantly, feel.

Well done, Toadhouse Games!

Thank you so much for playing and for your kind words! Please tell a friend 💕😊